Kiss Series (title tbc)

Kiss 1  Kiss Series (title tbc)

Following on from my Fervour Series around couples embraced in dance – The Kiss Series (title tbc) series will explore the gesture and performance around a kiss/embrace. The resulting images will combine beauty with realism.   I will focus on the graphics of the individuals, capturing the shape and form of the bodies form close up angles highlighting the body gesture rather than the setting. Through selective lighting the images will focus on what is revealed in the highlights and what is being concealed in the shadows.  The images below are some initial test images with lighting.  It is the intention that the resulting images will focus more on angles, often omitting the kiss itself and be be about leaving a little bit to the imagination.


kiss 11 300x300  Kiss Series (title tbc)


kiss 14 300x300  Kiss Series (title tbc)


kiss 12 300x300  Kiss Series (title tbc)


kiss 13 300x298  Kiss Series (title tbc)








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