The Milton Keynes Project

        The MAP6 photographic collective explore the complex relationship between people and place. Every year the group spends time together to photograph and present curated exhibitions and publications. MAP6 were drawn to Milton Keynes 50th birthday to celebrate its community, architecture and the realisation of the town planners dreams. The plan for […]

The Female Project | Iceland

In 2016 Katie Palmer and I traveled to Iceland and this is where The Female Project was born. Everyone knows Iceland for it’s epic landscapes which we enjoyed with our eyes. As photographers however our interest is primarily with people. Iceland is known as the World’s most feminist country so we wanted to explore this […]

The Lithuania Project | Divided Lives

The Lithuania Project with photography collective Map6. The region of Dievenišk and Šalčininkai is an enclave of Lithuania surrounded by the border of Belarus.  When Lithuania and Belarus were both part of the Soviet Union the border between these countries was just a line on a map, and several villages in this region straddled this […]

MAP 6 ; 6 Perspectives on Moscow.

The rise & fall of the kiosk economy  Russian kiosk culture arose after the end of communism in 1991, when entrepreneurs started to import goods such as cigarettes, chocolate and alcohol and, with no formal retail spaces, built kiosks along the streets. Today, these ubiquitous kiosks line the underground passages that transverse major streets or connect metro […]

Granada | Tapas progress

Using the article in the Guardian from 2008 The Top Ten Tapas in Granada we embarked upon eating and drinking our way around Granada with just my little 35mm lens. It was a bit tricky at times with no not much elbow room at the bar and so much going on all around. Behind the […]

Taabar | Jaipur

On my trip to India this earlier this year I spent a day photographing a street kids program in a small and very well run charity in Jaipur. The charity Taabar works to help and support runaways, orphans, slum and street children who are struggling to survive in the harsh conditions of everyday life that […]

Celebrating Holi Festival the family way

Holi was originally a spring festival of fertility and harvest. Now it also marks some Hindu legends, which provide some of the ingredients for the celebrations.

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