fLIP Magazine | Exposure Feature | Project Fervour

  Fervour series interview wit fLIP Magazine for London Independent Photography.  

Art Recreations | Things & Ink Magazine

Cover shoot for the Art Issue for Things & Ink Magazine was a recreation Millais’s painting Ophelia with a tattoo twist.   Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites show at the Tate Britain, Heather collaborated with Things & Ink magazine and Art Historian Matt Lodder to create a series of Art Recreations.  Ophelia featuring Tracy D Tattoos.  More photographs from the series and the editorial […]

LIP Closer | Embrace

Embrace series was featured as part of London Independent Photography Magazine LIP in the series on how we see Closer.  

Things & Ink Shoot | Mo Deely

London Independent Photography | The Art of Smoking

  Images from my series the Art of Smoking were featured as part of the Incognito issue of fLIP magazine. Public smoking, once a common socially accepted activity, is becoming increasingly marginalised and pushed underground. With further legislation inevitable, the activity of street smoking will soon be relegated to history. In this series on pavement smoking, […]

Hello Magazine | Faiza Seth

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